Trash the Dress

Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea - maybe even the craziest thing you’ve ever heard - but if you’ve a sense of adventure, this might just be for you. From the USA - where else? - 'Trash the Dress' comprises a totally out-of-context wedding dress photo shoot. Forget the local beauty spots of your wedding day, these fashion photography-style pictures can be taken on a beach, a city street, a rooftop, or even at your local scrap yard, a field in the middle of nowhere or an abandoned building. Basically, somewhere that means something to you. Activities that reflect your personality also work well - do you play a lot of tennis or enjoy horse-riding? I can guarantee that your photographs will be a talking point. So before you pack your dress into a box that’ll be forgotten about in the attic, have a think about wearing it one more time to get some amazing images that’ll bring a smile to your face for years to come.

If you have any questions about Trash the Dress please email:

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